It is easy to get lost if you don’t have a map. There is really no handbook for parenting. It sucks you in and it changes you. You worry like you’ve never worried before. You find joy like you’ve never found before. You are so scared that you will screw up these tiny humans by not being enough. A few years ago I realized that I cannot be everyone’s everything and that is OK. I need to be me as well as a wife and a Mom. I need to know who I am in order to be the best wife, Mother, friend, etc. We are told by society that we have to give up ourselves to be the best parents. I believe that to be a lie. I think that we need to know who we are to be the best parents. Our jobs as parents are to raise kind, loving, moral human beings. Our children will leave us at some point. They will move out. They will get jobs. They will find love. They will need us for very different reasons. Our goal is for them to become self-sufficient. What happens to us if after they leave we have no idea who we are? What happens if we can’t relate to our spouse, our friends, ourselves? Being a Mom does not mean that you need to be a martyr. You need to take time for yourself. Take time to be you. Your children need YOU. Check out this weeks video, You’re a Mom not a Martyr and let me know what you think.

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