1. Hey Meredith . . . .
    I’m 68male, self employed Barber of 49yrs. Life is good. 🙂
    YOU have a wonderful smile, and people need that same smile on your blogs to get them through. K ?
    At 51, Prostate cancer 2002, 2006 Radiation treatments, 2009 left Kidney removed, 2016, March/June & Sept treatments ( but I rode my motorcycle from near Niagara Falls Ontario to Mobile, to San Diego To Palo Alto, and home again. Jan 2018 the cancer is back, but I’m holding out for treatments, until after my bike ride to N.S. Canada to Oak Island Eh ?

    Soooooo see ? Life is good.
    Married, together 40yrs, two wonderful children & a Samoyed. Life is good I tell you LOLOLO

    So, you keep up your Bogs & YOUR Smiles. Cause we are watching…. K ?

    PS: looks as if you have a good support team with your Husband. 🙂


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