Fortnite has taken over almost every aspect of my child. All he wants to do is eat, sleep, breath Fortnite. I was trapped in the car with him the other day and this is what our conversation sounded like. Can you relate? Whether they are talking about Minecraft, Fortnite, or Robolox, it never seems like they are saying words that I understand. Take a look at this weeks video, and let me know if this is what you hear when your child starts talking about video games. I am so ready for Back to school!


  1. LOL! YES! I’m a mom of a 9 year old boy and I feel like a horrible mom…but as he’s talking, I gradually turn up the volume. It’s like he’s speaking a different language when he talks about games, and I try to care but I really, really, REALLY don’t care. LOL! Thanks for making me not feel like a bad mom. And thanks for all your videos. Honestly, they help me keep my sanity.

  2. Oh man, Meredith, you make me laugh! I am no longer a young Mom, but I still understand all the craziness!! You may laugh when I say this, but I am shedding (nostalgic) tears thinking back to those years when my kids were so little, and my husband and I were young parents, and what the hell did we know!!!! Honestly, I wish I could do it all over again!


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