My husband hates this about me. I am always asking him “What’s wrong?” I love to communicate and he loves silence. So I do what any good wife would do and I ask him repeatably, “What’s wrong?” I am pretty sure it is his biggest pet peeve. Do you do this? Does your significant other do it to you? Take a look at this weeks video and share with someone who can relate and have a good laugh! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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It’s time for a night out with Meredith from That’s Inappropriate! Life is funny enough, she doesn’t need to make this stuff up. Join her for an unforgettable time of laughs that hit home with any and all parents who have had to wipe a butt and sign a permission form at the same time. Check your perfection at the door, it’s time to be real about all things parenting, marriage and life! Meredith reassures us that we truly are all in this together.

*The Carolina Theatre of Durham present

That’s Inappropriate Live with Meredith

Thursday, March 8 | 7PM Click link above to buy tickets!

*The Andrew Johnson Theater of Nashville present

Friday, March 9 / 7PM


  1. Love it, I do this to my husband and everyone. I can’t help it they look or act upset then get mad at me when I ask and I keep on and on!!

  2. My husband does this to me because I am quiet. He’ll say, “I feel the tension in the air. What’s wrong? Let’s talk.” There could be absolutely nothing wrong but he insists there is. It drives me crazy. Lol


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