My husband hates this about me. I am always asking him “What’s wrong?” I love to communicate and he loves silence. So I do what any good wife would do and I ask him repeatably, “What’s wrong?” I am pretty sure it is his biggest pet peeve. Do you do this? Does your significant other do it to you? Take a look at this weeks video and share with someone who can relate and have a good laugh! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and Follow on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. I do this to my husband all the time!!! He always says nothing lol and then I turn it into something. Husbands lol we just know when they have a tude!! 😉

  2. Love it, I do this to my husband and everyone. I can’t help it they look or act upset then get mad at me when I ask and I keep on and on!!

  3. My husband does this to me because I am quiet. He’ll say, “I feel the tension in the air. What’s wrong? Let’s talk.” There could be absolutely nothing wrong but he insists there is. It drives me crazy. Lol


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