• I know that yelling and screaming is frowned on. I know that I should take a deep breath and try to count to ten before discussing things that I have repeatedly told my children over and over and over again. However, some things simply make me want to scream. Take a look at this weeks video and let me know if you can relate? What makes you scream?

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    1. Stephanie

      I’m a pretty ballerina in the morning trying not to get the tiniest of toes soaked in pee puddles. Socks are a no-go.
      Also there’s jelly ..always jelly..why and how did it get on my ceiling?!

    2. Kim

      I feel so validated on the syrup and poop!!! Seriously?

    3. Melissa Middleton

      Here, too! I think you just recorded my house! My 14 year old, for the life of her, cannot throw away garbage. She leaves it on the stove, the table, the floor, and the freakin’ refrigerator! The refrigerator! I don’t get it. And there is a trash container in the kitchen for crying out loud.

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