I might be the only one, but this happens a lot during conversations with my husband. He is confused with what the word “we” means. Take a look at this weeks video and let me know if you can relate. What things does your spouse say “we” for but they mean “you”? Make sure to subscribe to my  YouTube channel (Daily vlogs will begin shortly) and follow me on  Instagram.


  1. Men sometimes use the word “we” rather than “you” to avoid agitation. They do not want to rock the boat yet try to ask questions without confrontation, accusation or blame. They believe, wrongly, that by using the term “we” they are softening the content of their question or statement or perhaps wish to be included in an event that they cannot actually be part of, like a pregnancy.

  2. Scenario: Guests come over and I (the wife) have done a project by myself outside/inside. If the guests say “oh that looks really nice,” his response would be, “thanks, WE worked on that for a while but finally got it done!” I just stand there confused because I don’t remember “we” working on any projects together.

    Same scenario just having dinner with friends somewhere: I will over hear him telling his buddy that, “I did the garage floor two weeks ago.”

    Needless to say, we finally had to have the conversation of how to use “we” properly! ? When he does a project or anything, I give him the credit. I explained how him saying “we” when I have worked really hard and he hasn’t pitched in doesn’t magically mean that it made it easy for me OR that he lifted a finger to help. He has worked on it and it’s quite funny to actually watch him stop and change what he is saying according to fit the proper “we” situation! Love it! Not exactly the same as yours but still understand!! ?????? Keep your videos coming, they always make me laugh!


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