The great yoga pants debate. Who on earth would have though that yoga pants would be so highly debated? It is mind boggling. If you don’t like yoga pants, guess what…you don’t have to wear them. Life is way too short to debate yoga pants, or anything else I use to cover my ass for that matter. Take a look at this weeks video and weigh in on the debate 🙂 If you are in the Durham or Nashville area, I would love to see you in March at my live show. Take a look at ticket options below.

Written by: Meredith Masony

I am a Mom. I had babies, not a lobotomy. I am here to tell stories about my life, my family, my struggles, and my joy. I try to find the humor in all things. I am on a quest to obtain my dreams. My viewers are women who know that real life is dirty and exhausting but we find joy despite the monotony of the daily grind.

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  1. Shabana

    You’re my favorite mom on the internet!!

  2. John

    So I’m a single dad who stumbled across your site and its great by the way! I just listened to the yoga pants debate and agree completely that women should be allowed to wear these if they choose – they are the Mom jeans of the 2010’s. Yoga pants and women do cause me a lot of conflict, anguish and are the source of what I feel is a terrible injustice! My conflict come from my love and hate of women’s yoga pants. I love seeing women in skin tight anything and well so … at the same time my anguish and the injustice comes from that society’s views that it is OK for women to wear workout gear out and about but if men wear sweatpants they are less than acceptable. I KNOW I’VE TRIED! This is a great injustice that any & all yoga pant discussion attention needs to be shifted to! Equality I say – Men can wear sweatpants to stores, malls, school events, etc without the looks of …’he’s totally given up on life’… Equality now 🙂

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