Oh the Facebook Timehop! It amazes me how Facebook can remind me of what my child looked like a few years ago and totally make me believe that I need more children. Have you been a victim of the Timehop? Take a look at this weeks video and let me know if you contemplated procreation as a result of the Facebook Timehop. Make sure to subscribe to YouTube and check out my new daily vlog.


  1. Chanin Kowcheck

    Yes, it got me. The result is a beautiful and very ornery 3 year old daughter an my current age is a very young soon to be 48 ??????

  2. Stevie King

    Yes, and then I immediately snap out of it bc of a meltdown or some thAng happened with one of the kiddo anything really it’s like oh yeah his phase kids are always in a phase smh don’t fall for this lady’s I got three kids the world has enough people;)!!

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