I was talking to one of my friends from up north the other day and she was complaining about all the snow. I replied, “I’m so sorry, if it’s any consolation, us southerners are getting ready to start Swamp Ass season.” She said, “WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?” Take a look at this week’s video for a full explanation of Swamp Ass season.


  1. Dawnelle

    I feel ya! Nebraskans get swamp ass too!

  2. Christina Anderson

    I am so loving you and Eric and can’t forget the BM. I am from ND but moved to Florida about 8 years ago. I have to say the cold really sucks ass but the swap ass is yes just as bad.

  3. Renee Rocco

    I used to live in Florida, so I understand Swamp Ass. But you know what…? Being up here in NJ sucks. I’d take Swap Ass over NJ drivers any day of the week! lol

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