Summer is here and if I hear the words, “Can I have a snack” one more time I am going to freak! My kids are chronic snack gobblers. They are constantly in my pantry eating all of the food. It looks like a family of raccoons have ravaged the shelves when they are done. Boxes are torn to shreds, plastic wrapper are all over the place, it’s like the apocalypse has occurred. Why must children snack like this?!?!?!!? Take a look at this weeks video and let me know if you can relate.

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  1. Yes yes yes!!! Just bought a keyed lock to put away some things because I have one that when told no, goes after it anyway.

    One of my kids eats 2 pouches at a time. Good thing I go to Costco but still… also… if they get one – I don’t want to see the wrappers!!! Find the garbage can please.

  2. I’m a horrible mommy. I buy healthy fruit, gummies, and popcorn. It’s a weeks worth for the 3 . If they eat it all too bad, it’s gone. I have a budget. They are well fed and healthy I’m not feeding boredom. Go find a puzzle


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