• Every time I use the bathroom, someone needs something. I could lock the bathroom door, but that illogical fear of someone jumping from the couch out the window, keeps me sitting on the bowl being constantly interrupted. Check out this weeks video, Shut the door!! Does this happen at your house? What do they need from you, while you are on the bowl????? Make sure to subscribe (Click the red subscribe button) to my YouTube channel for updates on new videos.

    The That’s Inappropriate community has been nominated for the TODAY Parenting choice award! Please head over and vote. I am so excited at how much this community has grown. It makes my tiny heart happy.


    1. Kimberly

      OMG!!!! I found my CLONE!! I thought I was alone in this crazy life/marriage/motherhood/womanhood and now I find my sisterhood and someone to share my joys and pain with…yippee!!! What a break through!! Maybe I will live through all of this after all…lolol
      You are soooo on target with everything and it fun to laugh at when it’s not happening to you and easier to accept when it is now, well sort of now., but you get that too. Awesome site!!

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