Are You Serious? It’s A School Night

I might be alone on this one, but sometimes I make excuses. At the end of the day, after work, the kids, the house, and life, sometimes I am too exhausted to deliver 😉 So I may make some of these excuses. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and I love having sex with him, but sometimes I really am way to tired to move. My husband claims that he asks every night because he likes to play the odds. He said “If I ask every night, and you say yes three times a week, I’m winning.” I do believe that marriage is a compromise, but sometimes I make excuses in the bedroom… but they don’t always work 😉

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  1. Elizabeth

    but, but, but ……. I thought that there was an essential oil for that. There is one for everything else. SMH

  2. rene

    thanks i no longer feel alone i am a mother of 5 homeschool kids and just to hear some of the things i want to say make me smile

  3. Carl

    “I can give you 5 minutes of my time but I’m not taking my shirt off!” Pretty much. Sigh. Somewhere the jingle from the old SNL skit of “Lowered Expectations” is playing.

  4. Casey

    Lmao! I have actually used all of these! Thank you

  5. Lena

    At least you know your husband still finds you attractive and you still turn him on. That’s got to feel good.

    1. Meredith

      Yes it does. I do love him, I made the video in an exaggerated format for comedic effect 🙂

  6. Jessica

    Bwahahahaa my husband and I laughed so hard at this!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kathy

    I have been married 35 years and I just lmao when I watch you every week even my husband laughs and some of your stuff is so on target I just laugh at it during the day when I think about it kep it up get highlight to my week Kathy

  8. Jules

    Omg I never watched your videos before but just did and loved the “r u kidding it’s a school night” video!!! It reminded me of myself! I showed my hubby and told him she your not the only one not getting it! But yes we are tired on the weekdays, I understand, believe me!!!
    I love how you make everyday life into a joke!
    And not care about the people out there who say nasty comments. I mean if they don’t like you don’t watch!! Right?

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