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I am here to serve as your best girlfriend so you can get those things off your chest. Use this form to share, anonymously, your deepest Secret Momfession Confessionals that eat away at your sanity. Any submission is the property of Inside the Bowl Productions LLC. Find other ways, such as the Take it or Leave it Podcast, Hot Mess Express Community, That’s Inappropriate Parents or my Facebook page on our Offerings page.

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Trying to juggle studying for postal exams, working, raising 3 kids (5,7, & 11), and a husband. Life gets extremely difficult at times however, I wouldn’t change anything if it had to do with me never recieving Gods gifts he gave me the strength to take on and move. Until my last breath I will be there for my babies. Whether or not I’m happy, sad, or mad....I’ll be there no matter what!!! Xoxo


March 23, 2018


I’m a shell of myself. I’m an empty vase filled with flowers consisting of my children. I’m an empty vessel but look at my beautiful children, not me. I don’t wear make up it feels like I’m almost trying too hard - everyone will see through this facade to my tired aging self. I didn’t have time or energy to care for my hair so I cut it off. I no longer fit society’s perception


March 16, 2018