You may have seen Spider-Man and Batman riding in the backseat through some of my videos. In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not a superhero, but I’m friends with KidsEmbrace, the makers of these awesome seats.

In April of 2016, my children and I were in a car accident. My mini van was totaled. Despite this, my children walked away unharmed, thanks to how tough these seats are.

As we pass the two year anniversary of that terrifying day, I’m partnering with KidsEmbrace to share the seats that, not only kept my kids safe, but also are their favorite seats to ride in.

Head over to Amazon using the links below and receive15 % off using code 15RIDESAFE on our Batman & Cinderella seat, offer good through May 5th.

Click Batman to head over to the Amazon to order.

Click on Cinderella to head over to Amazon to order.

Have another seat in mind? Use the link below to be taken to KidsEmbrace’s website and receive 15% your entire purchase for a limited time:


If you are in the market for other KidsEmbrace items, you can head over and use PROMO CODE: 15RIDESAFE for 15% any KidsEmbrace item, offer good through May 5th.  They have strollers, car seats, harnesses, infant carriers, highchairs, and so much more. I am so excited to work with a company that I love and endorse a product that I trust to protect my kids. Click the links below to check out these amazing products that you and your kids will fall in love with.



  1. My complaint with high-back boosters, is that the seats are always short therefore my kids legs go to sleep. So, are these seats longer than normal boosters?


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