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Become a contributor for the That's Inappropriate parents blog!We are always looking for guest posts, and contributors with fresh voices and something new to say. We’d love to have you write for That’s Inappropriate Parents!

Our mission is simple: Filter Free Parenting. We want a place for all of us Perfectly Imperfect Parents to find and share stories.

We want the unfiltered, raw and heartfelt essays, the positive parenting post, the post you wrote when you were struggling and never wanted to share, the lists of funny stuff your kids do and say, the parenting tip that has made your life easier, or a recipe that your kid will actually eat.

In other words, we want to hear what real moms like you are doing to survive and thrive in your imperfect parenting journey. We also are open to posts regarding current events if you can bring a new, personal angle to it that applies to parenting.


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We want to make this worth your time, and give you a little spending cash too! In addition, we love helping new bloggers or aspiring writers grow by helping you promote your own blog in a bio and links back to your best stuff while promoting your post across all of our social media platforms.

We will pay for original pieces as follows ($20 per published original submission):

Writers grant Inside the Bowl Productions LLC, That’s Inappropriate Parents, exclusive rights to original work for a period of 60 days (additional licensing and rights are disclosed in the contributor agreement). Your article can’t be published anywhere else (online or print) for 60 days after publication. After the 60 days, you may republish content as long as a direct link is included in the beginning paragraph of the article that states: This article was originally published on That’s Inappropriate Parents, with a link back to the original article.


If you’d like to syndicate previously published work on That’s Inappropriate Parents, we’re happy to do that. We cannot compensate for those at this time, but it’s still a great way to gain new followers, and have your own website promoted. It’s a great way to get your words out to more people, and to reach a bigger audience. That’s Inappropriate has 200K+ views per month and a combined social media following of over 1,400,000 followers, and we’re growing every day. We love to help promote you!

Here are some things you should do before submitting:

1. Poke around That’s Inappropriate and see what kind of articles we share. Post with bad language may be accepted, but vulgar or those that belittle others will not be accepted.

2. If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, then we want to see your post!

  • Does my post have a clear purpose and direction?
  • Does my post teach something?
  • Is it inspiring or starting a conversation?
  • Does it offer useful advice that all parents need to hear?
  • Am I encouraging parents with my post?
  • Do I have a unique perspective that someone may have never thought of?
  • Am I making someone (other than my mom) laugh?

3. EDIT!! If your piece requires any re-working or editing, we’ll send it back to you with suggestions.

4. First Time Contributors must submit through our Guest submission form. Our trusted contributors will utilize our submission workflow.

5. Questions can be directed to, do not submit your post to this email address.

Please allow up to two weeks for a response to your submission. (It will probably be much quicker)

You must be able to receive payment via PayPal if you’re going to submit an original post.


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