I love back to school season. However, each year there is drama in the parent pick-up line. The honking. The people who run over the cones. The lady who merges in the NO MERGE zone! Take a look at THIS WEEK’S VIDEO and let me know if you can relate to my parent pick-up line struggles. What is your least favorite part about the parent pick-up line???

Video Transcript:

I mean people sitting in lawn chairs, it’s like a damn book club out here. Everybody’s out outside of their cars, chitty chatty pity patty.

Get in your cars people!

Get in your cars!

Do not be sitting out here when we got to go. When we got to go, we got to roll out. Yeah, I see you Janet, I got eyes on you.

Get in the car, that’s what the cones are for. We have two lanes people, stay inside of your lane. The cones are there for a reason, respect the cones.

Oh, and what is this? What is this we got here? We got the PTA walking around trying to hand out the school fundraisers through the cars windows. I am NOT opening this window. Do you hear me Barbara, I am not unrolling this window! I am NOT unrolling this window for you! No, I mean it Barbara, don’t come up here! Don’t knock on this window, do not knock on this window Barbara. I am NOT! I mean now I got to sell Yankee Candles and frigging chocolate chip cookies. I am NOT I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it. Nope. Nope, not doing it.

I cannot I got to go I have got to go! Alright, I heard the whistle! It is it is go time people! Everyone has got to get back in your cars. I heard the whistle we got to go. We got a roundup these kids and we got to get moving. Let’s go. 67 minutes in the lane, we got to go.

For the love Janet, get back in your car! Don’t stop and talk to that teacher, that teacher does not want to talk to you! What are they gonna tell you? How special Billy is? Get out of here! Just stop! They want to go home too Janet! Just get in the car!


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