“Why did you even have kids?” Is a question that people will message me from time to time. They will continue on to say that I complain about being a Mom too much. They will talk about how I am a HORRIBLE PERSON and an ungrateful Mother. Most days I simply reply with, “Thank you for your message. Have a blessed day.”

It is much safer than the message that I really want to send which looks a little more like this, “Hey! Thank you so much for making a snap judgement about my PARENTING. I like to use humor and honesty to bring Moms together so they feel less alone. Being a Mom is hard and I refuse to lie about it. I WORK 24/7, 365, and I vent because it keeps me from running away. I vent because I am honest. I vent because if I don’t blow off steam, I will surely lose my mind. I think it is best to be honest about the toughest job that I love more than anything in this world, because I want to be able to continue doing it with a few shreds of sanity. Oh, by the way, Facebook has this feature where you can scroll past videos and posts that you don’t like or agree with. It is super amazing, you should really give it a try 🙂 Have a blessed day!”

So, I think it is safe to say that Motherhood is complicated…it is complex.


  1. Anything “worth it” is hard! Anything worth it is complicated….anything “worth it” takes your energy! I would rather have given my time to raising my children….and being with their children….and enjoying their time on this earth, than anything I could have done! The choice is yours! Give your time to being an athelete or a scholar with nothing at the end of your life but a trophy or a degree! Passing on to the next generation is the most fulfilling! God bless!

  2. Oh lord, yes! First time mom here and I’m not even far into it yet…..totally feeling all of this. I love that I have found you and some others to help make me feel what I’m feeling is normal. Thank you!

  3. I remember when my daughter was little and all the other moms would be saying at the end of summer, “Ugh, I can’t wait for school to start again!” and I was like, “No! I love my baby! I will miss her so much!” And now that she is twice the size and her and her brother are twice the crazy, I’m like, “Dear God, when is the first day of school? You need an occupation! You have lost your little baby minds acting the way that you do!” It’s all about perspective. One minute I’m all in awe of their sweet, loving adorableness and the next I am, Holy Mother of God, I just want to pee by myself or with just the cat – because the cat has to come into the bathroom too – just the cat. It’s not alot to ask.

  4. Thank you!!!! You are the best for putting yourself out there and letting all of us old schoolers know that even though we are hairless all us moms are together. I can not tell you how hard helping and creating young ones is. My grand child has auditory sensory disorder with other complications and my 5 year old is the dainty one I am pulling out my hair every day and at night I just watch them sleep.

  5. I am a mom of 9 crazy beautiful kids! And I totally understand and relate to you. They are my biggest joy and can’t imagine my life without them but there are those moments that I am like wait uhmmmm when did you stop being sweet and cute?


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