I stand by what I said last year and I still think this is what Moms actually want for Mother’s Day! I think that Moms work very hard for 364 days a year. Can we get the day off this year? I want to brunch like it’s my job, and sip mimosas all day long. Oh, and I want to watch my husband shake it while he does the dishes! Check out my Mother’s Day video.   If you haven’t signed up for my YouTube channel yet, get over there so you can see my videos before anyone else.

ScoopThePoopCoverArtSo grab a copy of my book Scoop The Poop and a nice cold drink and get to picking your battles!!! Now on SALE for Mother’s Day!!! Order today to have it delivered on time for your Mother’s Day reading pleasure 🙂

If you would like to vote for The TODAY Parents “people’s choice” award, click here and vote until May 4th! I am so excited for our community to be recognized 🙂