Meet Hot Mess Maven Kiowana Phillips


Hello world, my name is Kiowana Phillips A.K.A. Wonder Woman or Kia. I was born and raised in Sumter, SC. Excuse me if my southern accent comes out every now and then. Hey Y’all! I am a Soldier (newly promoted MSG), military spouse, author, personal trainer/health and fitness coach, and advocate for the Moebius Syndrome Foundation (our oldest Khaleb was born with Moebius Syndrome). We have 2 boys (12 and 3). My job in the Army is human resources but I have a Bachelors in Criminal Justice (maybe I watched a little too much CSI and Law and Order), a Masters in Human Resource Management (my job in the Army), and I am pursing my PhD in Performance Psychology (kinda fits the personal training/health and fitness realm).

I am super far from perfect. I growl at anyone who speaks to me before I’ve had my coffee, I curse when my husband is not around, I would die for night like the movie Bad Moms, I gag on the smell of my own fart when no ones around, and I do my best to keep my eyebrows perfect all while I’m trying not to lose my $hit.

My hobbies include spending time with my family, running, helping others with their health and fitness, competing in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, raising awareness of Moebius Syndrome, coffee, pandas, making up fights in my head that never happened, and ruling the world because that’s what Boss Moms do right?! Welcome to my crazy, keep it cute, be professional, just smile and wave (like the Penguins of Madagascar), take it one day at a time, I got this, NOOOO you cannot have another snack, for the love of God put the toilet seat down LIFE. *wink*

Kiowana will be right here as our Military Mom + Dad Hot Mess Maven

Certified Personal Trainer / Health and Fitness Coach

Published Author

Moebius Syndrome Foundation Southeast Regional Coordinator

Military Spouse Project (MILSPO) Chapter Leader


US Road Running Ambassador


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