Meet Hot Mess Maven Julie Nowell


In 2012 I decided that I had had enough of my old life. We were a suburban family, holding down j.o.b.s and running from one moment to the other, rarely stopping long enough to focus on the things we loved.

We up and changed it.  We sold the house, quit the jobs and moved our family to Salt Spring Island on BC’s west coast.  From there I wrote and created a new life.

As a parent I have found the time with my kids and the balance of my joys that I had longed for.

As a business, I have created a platform to inspire change and strategize for success.

These days I spend my time creating content on Three Chickens and a Boat, as well as operating as the publisher and overall visionary of BLUNTmoms, and consulting in my role as Creative Catalyst at Three Chicken Consulting.  I have had the pleasure to work with National Brands on their marketing strategies, provide training and education to bloggers around the world and manage business scaling and development work for a multitude of women owned sites.

I feel my joy as a freelance writer, blogger, speaker, strategist and chicken wrangler.

Julie will be here for this community as the Hot Mess Maven in the general connect group.

You can find and follow Julie at:

Three Chickens and a Boat –, Facebook and YouTube.


Bluntmoms –, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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