Meet Hot Mess Maven Heather Van Mil


I’m a mom. I have 2 spunky, spirited girls who challenge and push me everyday and influence absolutely everything I do.

I’m a writer. If the menu headers weren’t a giveaway, I kind of have a thing for alliteration.

I’m a marketing consultant. Helping brands find the right message and method to reach moms in a meaningful way is my happy place (there I go with the alliteration again).

I’m a (fill in the blank). Wife, social media junkie, plus size fashion lover, bibliophile, baker, blogger, friend, teacher, music lover, the list goes on and on. All of these facets allow me to fill this blog with the things I love and am passionate about. They allow me to speak on behalf of the brands who represent these niches, and speak to the people who want to be inspired by an authentic narrative.

I write about a little bit of everything! I’m definitely a foodie, and I have a serious love affair with cake decorating (not to mention party planning). I’m slowly discovering the world of plus size fashion and learning how the number on my clothes tags has absolutely no relation to my abilities or my worth.

Above all you will find a whole lot of family on my blog. My world revolves around my hubby and girls and it shows in what I write! From family travel, to fun events to great resources and awesome products, if it has anything to do with family, you’ll find it here!

Heather will be here with us as a general connect+ Hot Mess Maven.

You can follow Heather at, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.


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