Meet Hot Mess Maven Dana Kamp


Dana is the founder and content creator of She is a wife and mommy (and aspiring children’s book author in her “spare” time), and lives in Florida with her incredible hubby, Jeff, and their four amazing boys. Yes, she is the mommy of FOUR little boys. She is also a romantic, an optimist, and she tries to laugh more than cry (or laugh until she cries)! She loves the beach, chocolate, sweet tea, sunshine on her shoulders, funky earrings, petting zoos (she needs to pet the goats), all things related to pregnancy, traveling (road trips, airplanes, whatever–just take her somewhere!), fashion (and trying to stay on trend as she gets more “mature”), romantic comedies, music concerts (she’s lost count of John Mayer concerts), New Orleans, picnics, pedicures, college football, and living a healthy lifestyle with all her boys, with a few Kit-Kats for balance.


She graduated from the University of Florida years ago, but just couldn’t leave Gainesville and the fun that having a beautiful, bustling college campus steps away provides. She still goes to all the home football games and now gets to take her little guys with her!


Professionally, she has been a teacher (preschool and then high school language arts), business owner (she owned a maternity boutique for 8 years), writer (print and online), a copy editor and then an editor. She is now on a new journey as a work-from-home mommy as a lifestyle blogger and freelance writer and editor. Relishing every. single. second.

You can read more of Dana’s work right here as she is the Hot Mess Maven for the Self Care Mom + Dad connect+ group.


See more of Dana’s work on her blog, You can follow Dana on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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