Meet Hot Mess Maven Alison Tedford


Alison Tedford is a funny, sarcastic suburban mom who can never find her keys. She’s a freelance writer and digital marketer who has been a single mom and works hard to positively co-parent after separation. Alison blogs on Sparkly Shoes and Sweat Drops about her experience as an awkward introvert raising questions, kids and eyebrows (and awareness of mental health issues.)

Alison writes to help parents and other women not feel alone. “Me too” is her jam, which is why she is relatable and authentic. She puts it all out there in an “I can’t believe she just said that!” way. Alison is the kind of girl who will tell you her most embarrassing stories, but unlike your best friend, she will actually ask you to please tell absolutely everyone with the share button because she’s shameless (like the Billy Joel song). She wants to destigmatize mental health issues, encourage you to become active, tell you stories about people and events she thinks are important and serve it all up with the most giant helping of sarcasm/sweetness/enthusiasm imaginable.

Alison will be here with us as the Hot Mess Maven of the Single Mom + Dad connect+ group.

You can follow Alison on her blog at, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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