I was so excited to take the JCPenney Holiday challenge. As a Mother of three it is time to get my game face on and smash last years budget. I was so excited to see the unbelievable selection of gifts at I don’t have to leave my couch or put on pants to get great gifts at unbelievable prices for everyone in my family. I can shop, click, buy, and have all of my gifts shipped directly to my door. I don’t have to fight the crowds, park a mile away to get a spot, or put on pants!!! Take a look at all the deals I put in my cart for my family! Let’s go shopping!

My daughter loves to draw. Each year we get her a new art kit. She is going to be so excited to see this art set under the tree on Christmas morning. It has 142 pieces, which will turn into hours of fun and many master pieces.

My niece loves to play with her baby dolls. This year she is going to be so excited to get a Baby Alive. This baby can eat, drink, and go tinkle in her diaper. I know she is going to love this! I just hope she doesn’t ask me to babysit.


My boys love Nerf. Every year they ask for a new Nerf gun. This year they are both going to be excited to see what is under the tree. They are getting the Dual Strike and the Crossbolt Nerf guns.

I can’t wait to give my nephew his gift this year! He is going to love this Fisher Price musical band set!!! I bet his parents are going to love that I got him a drum, maraca’s, xylophone, and clappers!!! The hours of fun he is going to have just melts my heart!!!

I found some really great deals for my family who love to spend time in the kitchen! My future sister in law is going to love this amazing Ninja Blender! She can slice, dice, puree, and mix some amazing frozen drinks in this blender. I have one so I know she will love it.

This year my aunt is going to love her gift!! I found the perfect juicer for her! This Hamilton Beach juice extractor is so powerful, she can juice all the carrots and all the apples!! I bet she could even juice the Thanksgiving turkey!!!

Everyone knows about my super co-dependent relationship with my bestie Eric. He is such a great cook and he always gets saddled with making dinner for all of us! That is a big task since when we are all together, there are eight of us! I knew that he needed this amazing Instant Pot 7-in-1 programmable pressure cooker!! Oh the meals he is going to make for me in this bad boy! I am so excited that my mouth is already watering!!!

My husband has been infamous for buying me appliances for holidays. One year it was a vacuum, another year it was a microwave. This year I knew exactly what to get him after the last visit to the dentist. He is going to love this new Sonicare electronic toothbrush. His pearly whites will shine bright this holiday season.
My sister can be rough to shop for. She is so fashion forward, and if we are being honest I can have a hard time picking out socks. She has been having the best scarf weather this year, so I decided on getting her this super cute infinity scarf. She is going to love me for it!
All my girls will be getting some bling this season. I wanted to make sure that they all knew I was thinking about them and I was excited to see I could do it and keep it under budget! This Silver Treasures pendant necklace should keep them on the right path this holiday season!
I was so excited to see the selection of holiday PJ’S had this year. Every year we love to wear the same PJ’s the night before Christmas. We found the perfect set that completely describes our family. We are emoji crazy so these jammies were made for my family. Check out the amazing selection of affordable family jammies so you can stay cozy with your favorite people.



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