Give Him "The Real Gift" For Father’s Day


*This post is sponsored by Adam and Eve* Give him the “Real Gift” this year.

I have always thought that Father’s Day was every day and that Mother’s day only came once a year. My husband has always been an amazing Father, but I didn’t truly appreciate him until I started traveling for work. I was a nervous wreck to leave him with the kids for three or four days. At first it was a nightmare to come home to loads of laundry and a big mess. I had to understand that he isn’t me and I can’t compare him to others. He kept the kids alive and most times he would surprise me with something when I came home. Sometimes the surprise wasn’t in his pants, and sometimes it was 😉


My husband did a fantastic job on Mother’s Day this year. He let me sleep in. He took the kids out for a few hours so I could binge watch Netflix. He gave me the gift of peace and quiet. It was amazing. I really wanted a day to myself.

I have given my husband golf accessories, dress shirts, ties, power tools, and car floor mats in the past. This year I asked him how I could make sure his Father’s day was a great as my Mother’s day.

Below is our conversation.

Me: What do you want for Father’s Day this year?

Husband: I want you.

Me: You already have that. Do you want golf balls?

Husband: Sure, but I also want you.

Me: OK. Do you need any new dress shirts?

Husband: Nope. I just need you.

Me: OK. I need to get you something better than me. Can you give me a hint?

Husband: I want you. I want “The real gift.”

Me: But you get me all year-long. How does getting “It” on Father’s day make it a “gift?”

Husband: Because I always want to do it. Here is how I would like my day to go.


~Wake me up and we do it.

~Feed me breakfast and then we do it.

~Watch Star Wars with me and then we do it.

~Feed me lunch and beer and then we do it.

~Take a nap with me and then we do it.

~Make me spaghetti and meatballs and then we do it.

~Pet my back until I fall asleep, then wake me up so we can do it.

Me: Wow. OK. So I see you have given this a bit of thought.

Husband: You asked me what I wanted.

Me: I can’t remember the last time we did it twice in one day. You want to do it like seven times. I’m not sure that is even possible.

Husband: Anything is possible.

Me: Do you remember last week when you pulled a hamstring and I had a leg cramp and we needed to take a time out? It wasn’t pretty.

Husband: But I got the job done.

Me: Touche’.

Treat your man like a King this Father’s day and have some fun with him. I am sure that after the second round, he will be fast asleep with a smile on his face, but I am blessed to have a good man who still thinks I am “The Real Gift.”

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