Dear Peace On Earth Family,

It looks like the public has found it’s most recent reason to be angry. I’m sure Starbucks is happy to see the heat has a new direction. I would like to ask a few questions about your family photo. I personally am unsure how to digest this “family” portrait. I write a humor blog, so I do get funny. I am just not sure if this is amusing. If you can answer the following questions for me, I will be better able to form an opinion.

1. Who had the idea to take this picture? The wife or the husband? Or was it the little dude with the thumbs up in the background?
2. Why didn’t the boy have to have his mouth taped shut? I have three kids. They all talk incessantly. I bet he can be a real chatty Kathy at times.
3. If this was the husbands idea, why did the wife go along with it? If she was uncomfortable with the idea, she probably would have voiced that concern, right? Is your wife allowed to voice her concern?
4. As a Father, what do you think you are teaching your daughters about the role women play in the world? The voice they will one day have in their own homes with their own husbands?
5. As a Mother, do you think this was a good choice to teach your son that women should be seen and not heard?
6. What did the photographer say when you explained what you wanted your Christmas card to look like? I mean, I would have been taken aback if a family showed up to a photo shoot with duct tape and rope.
7. Was this all in good fun? Or now that the world has made a judgement call, do you regret it and agree that it was in poor taste?

I have been known to say a lot of things that people deem inappropriate and controversial. However, I am serious with these questions. I would love to get your side of this situation and discuss the actual meaning behind this epic Christmas card fail that is causing suffragette’s to roll over in their graves.