Get ready for it…..Another professional athlete has been caught in a cheating scandal. Take a deep breath, relax. It’s unbelievable right? Who knew that professional athletes cheated and racked up hundreds of numbers in their contact lists? Pretty much everyone on the planet.

What is interesting about this scandal is how Victor Cruz’s fiance dealt with the issue. She got a hold of his phone and started a group chat with his lady lovers from across the country. Elaina Watley, started a group chat explaining that Cruz is in fact in a “committed” relationship with her, and these women need to know that he is cheating with all of them. It is rumored that he had over 200 contacts in his phone that were believed to be “Away Game Mistresses.” This is one group chat conversation I would have liked to have seen.

This story made me wonder, does this NFL wide receiver even have time to show up to practice? Here are a list of questions for Mr. Cruz and his lady lovers.

10 Questions for Mr. Cruz

1. Do you ever call these women by their first names, or are you slick and say, “Hey Girl.”

2. In your contact list, do you number them like “Nice Ass in the club” or “Big Titties from the stadium”?

3. Do you ever forget who you’re with?

4. How can you possible keep up with the texts and emails? I have like 10 friends and some days those three texts I have to field can be EXHAUSTING!

5. When do you find time to sleep? I mean, practice, your shoe company, PR for the Giants, time with the fiance, multiple women in every damn city. You need a nap my friend.

6. Are you a sleep over kind of guy or do you get a text that there is an “emergency” and you gotta run?

7. Why so many women? How many conversations can you have about shoes, purses, Jamberry nails, etc. ? Am I right?

8. You’re engaged, so why even get married? If you want to hump from one city to the next, why not do that while you are single? Why have a steady girl?

9. Don’t you get tired? I mean, how much sex can you possibly want to have?

10. Do these women mean anything to you besides just sex? Do you tell them that they mean more to you?

10 Questions for the “Away Game Mistresses”

1. Did you really think you were the “Only one?”

2. Does he have a damn unicorn down there? I mean does it shoot out rainbows?

3. Did you think sleeping with him would make you famous?

4. Will you stop seeing him now that you know he has a fiance?

5. Back to his unicorn, does it do tricks? Play music, or charge your phone?

6. Was he a snuggler, or did he run outta there like he was being timed for the 40 yard dash?

7. If you met his fiance would you apologize?

8. Did he ever give you a gift? Maybe a necklace, flowers, crabs?

9. He does a very nice Salsa dance in the end zone. Can you verify that his rhythm is useful in the bedroom?

10. Is he a boxer or briefs kind of guy? I’m just wondering how he can fit the unicorn in the stable.

Although this is not new information, I am still flabbergasted at how people can cheat with so many partners and find time to make it to their jobs, and remain employed. I think Mr. Cruz will be the recipient of the “Multitask-er” of the year award from the NFL this season. Not everyone wants to be the MVP.