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As Moms I think we are always searching. We are searching for acceptance, insight, and most of the time, answers. We scour the internet, ask our group chats, talk with each other, and ultimately seek assistance. Being a Mom is tough and we want to know that we are not alone. I started this community back in 2014 because I felt lost. I felt isolated. I felt inadequate. I was never on top of the dishes, the laundry, the daily grind activities. I was never the first at pick up or on time to all of the activities. I was failing as a Mom. I was failing as a wife. I was failing as a human being. I remember sitting in my closet crying and thinking, “How on earth am I so bad at this? How am I the only Mom who can’t get her shit together. Look at all those Moms on Facebook who are doing it right. They are so put together. They are so much better than me.”

I assumed that everyone else had figured it out. It’s like they had taken a sip from the fountain of knowledge and I was still sipping on Crazy-aid. I knew I needed to find my people. The people who were a complete hot mess. The people who lost their shit and didn’t know where to find it. I needed to know I was not the only one buying store baked goods for the school fundraiser only to leave them in the car and completely forget about the fundraiser. Fast forward three years and here we are. One big hot mess of Moms who are honest, real, and accepting of one another. I adore this community and each and every one of you. You guys keep me sane and remind me that this journey is not to be traveled alone. I have been lucky enough to meet tons of people along my journey and the women below are just a few of the amazing women that I have encountered. They are part of my tribe here and they are amazing. Check out their books and head over and like and follow on their Facebook pages. The more support the better. We need a tribe, so why not have a big one 🙂

Great Reads For Moms

Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, a married mom or a single mom, a new mom or a seasoned mom – every one of us has days of feeling like we are not enough. This open letter reminds us all that we are not alone. In this short gift book created from her viral blog post, Carella addresses all moms who feel that they don’t have it all together. She offers support in letting us know that we are not alone in how we feel and encouragement to not be so hard on ourselves. Great gift for any mom. You can find Mia on Facebook. Click the image to check out the book.

Imagine being pregnant with your first child and the doctor tells you that he is going to be born with special needs. Now imagine not knowing specifically what those special needs are until he’s born.

The Boy Who Smiles With His Heart is a book written about Kia’s son Khaleb. He was born with Moebius Syndrome which is a condition where his 6th and 7th cranial nerves in his face are paralyzed. Khaleb cannot smile or make facial expressions. Kia shares an intimate and emotional journey through the first 9 years of his life. As a young mother, she learned how to be resilient through trying times. Her story really gives you a sneak peek into their lives. This book has gained popularity throughout the Moebius Syndrome community, schools, families and Georgia media.  You can find Kia on Facebook. Click the image to check out the book.

Two years ago, Jeba’s daughter Sophia (who was just 6 years old at the time) began asking a lot of questions about her older sister, Isabella, who had gone on to Heaven after just five precious days on this Earth.  Jeba and her daughter wrote this book as a way to help her cope and understand the loss of this sister she never met. At first, I thought we were writing the book for Sophia, but I quickly learned that I was getting the most out of it.

The story is about a sister in Heaven who is  watching over her sister on Earth. The Angel sister spends her days in Heaven doing daily chores, which she enjoys, as well as delighting in things all children do like ice cream and cloud cotton candy. At the end of the day, she reports the going-ons to her fellow angel friends and listens to stories from Jesus. The last page shows both sisters thinking of each other and finding peace and happiness.

Writing this book brought them hope and healing and they hope it does for you as well.  It shows that you are still together even if you are apart. The female characters are strong in this book taking leadership and even taking sword-fighting lessons from the archangel Michael. You can find Jeba on Facebook.

The book was released June 11, 2017, which was Isabella’s 10th birthday. Click the image to check out the book.

“Raising boys is an amazing experience. There is nothing quite like the bond between a mother and a son. The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Life With Boys is a collection of hilarious and heartwarming stories from 35 fabulous bloggers. Including Mama Needs a Nap, 21st Century SAHM, Sarcastic Mommy, Close to Classy, Her View From Home, 39is Life, and #Lifewithboys. If you have a son you are going to love this book! It makes a wonderful gift to yourself and the boymoms in your life.”
You can find Lauri on Facebook. You can find Dana on Facebook here.  Click the image to check out the book.
Alison Tedford is a funny suburban mom who can never find her keys. She is passionate about mental health, physical fitness and being a good parent. Alison likes naps and long walks on the patio with a skinny vanilla latte.
You can find Alison on Facebook. Click the image to check out her etsy shop.

I woke up in the morning in a zombie state. I struggled to get the kids off to school. I talked myself into getting ready for work. I packed lunches, checked backpacks, planned crock pot meals, and wished I was somewhere else. Yes, that’s right. I wished I was somewhere other than my kitchen listening to my children fight over the last pack of fruit snacks. I dreamt about a life that was less stressful and more enjoyable. These thoughts made me cry on the way to drop off my kids at school. These thoughts made me feel like a terrible person.These thoughts made me feel like I was the worst Mother on the planet.

I was ashamed to have these thoughts. I felt like I was failing at life. I was overworked, under appreciated, and dreaming of wanting more. Why wasn’t I happy? Life seemed to be a chronic shit storm and I was the imbecilic meteorologist who forgot her umbrella. I decided that I needed to chase my dreams. I decided I had to find a way to scoop the poop and find my passion. So I wrote a book too and you can find me on Facebook as well 🙂

No matter what, please know that you are not alone. We are here for you. This community is here for you. The journey is not always what we expect and it rarely goes as planned, but know that we are right by your side.



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