Dear Daughter, No One Will Hush You


Dear Daughter,

May you always sing that low-octave voice while shaking your hips in that turquoise bikini—in the middle of winter.

No one will hush you.

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May you always be FEARLESS, jumping into the lake without hesitation.

No one will hush you.

May you always be brave to talk about the female body as you did in your preschool class. “I came from my Mommy’s vagina!” you said.

No one will hush you.

May always boom your Chris Farley chuckle—making your contagious laughter unite others.

No one will hush you.

May your voice always shock the men. “Boy, she sure is loud,” they say at the soccer fields and parks.

No one will hush you.

May you always STAND UP FOR OTHERS, grabbing the teddy bear out of the hands of the little boy, and giving it back to the little girl—back in the hands where it belongs.

No one will hush you.

May you always let your tears cascade onto yourself and others—BEING VULNERABLE and making yourself free.

No one will hush you.

May you always fight for just one more doll in your bed—getting what you want is your gift.

No one will hush you.

And finally, may you always give your mother courage. For when a man tells her, “Wow, your daughter sure is loud,” that she’ll always respond…

“Isn’t it great?”

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Angela-Anagnost Repke is a writer dedicated to raising two empathetic children. She hopes that her graduate degrees in English and counseling help her do just that. Angela is known for her dreadful technology skills and her mean Grecian chicken. She has been published in Good Morning America, ABC News, Scary Mommy, The Good Men Project, and more. Angela has personal and literary essays in Literary Mama, The HerStories Project, the anthology, “Red State Blues” by Belt Publishing, among others. She is currently at-work on the cross-generational memoir," Mothers Lie."


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