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MOMosa Monday “Mother’s Day” Episode

Brought to you by Boymom – apparel for raising boys available at (Promo code: Mer65) Tonight I proclaim myself a Mother’s Day Gifting expert. We talk about what MOM really wants for Mother’s Day and unbox the Holiday Boxer Mom’s Day box. Tag or share with your spouse, mate, boyfriend or children so that you can be taken care of on your day. Holiday Boxer jumped in and took care of our MOMosas with 20% OFF, Free Shipping and if you order by 9 PM EST on 4.11.2017 you get a free #icantadulttoday t-shirt. Visit Holiday Boxer at...

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MOMosa Monday 3.6.17

If you liked this video, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, like me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my Blog. Make sure to register for the coloring contest here on the page, and have your entry uploaded by midnight EST on Sunday night March 12th. Follow me on: Twitter Facebook The Blog...

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