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Sara Heathscott is the mommy to three incredible kids (12, 14, 17) and the very happy wife of 19 years to her “keeps me laughing” husband. She strives to be better than who she was yesterday and considers herself "under construction", laughing through it all with grit and grace. Most days you'll find Sara laughing with her sister, Jen, as they partner to run Snarklets - an online store that sells bracelets hand stamped with mantras for REAL life. The snarky sisters started Snarklets.net to honor the memory of their sister, JoAnn, whose spirit is captured in every bracelet they make.
Being a housewife or a homemaker or a stay at home mom is not easy not matter what you call it. But we should know our value as a stay at home mom. This inspirational post on motherhood proves that working in the home is as important as anything else we choose to pursue. #motherhood #filterfreeparents #sahm #stayathomemom

No One Is “Just” A Housewife

"None of us are ever just one thing. We are so many emotions, actions, decisions, roles, changes that combine to form who we may be in the moment we cross each other’s paths. And we are constantly changing as we are lucky enough to live in a world where