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Best friends & Mama's of boys -- with six between them. Sometimes they have it all together, sometimes they're a hot freakin’ mess; it's all about balance. Join them as they FLOAT & STING their way through parenthood, life & the kitchen.

I Don’t Need A Reminder To “Enjoy It” Or That Kids Grow Up Too...

One thing I was not prepared for when I became a parent was Mom guilt. This warm & fuzzy emotion is gifted to you the...

What I Wish I Could Go Back And Tell My Twelve Year Old Self

To my twelve year old self - Are you sitting down? 'Cause young lady, we need to talk.  I’ve been carrying your baggage for years and...

Everyone Thought I Had My Sh*t Together

After having kids I learned something about myself that wasn’t as evident before — patience is a virtue that I do NOT have. When I couldn’t live up to my own ideals of the Brady Bunch, non-yelly, Pinterest-all-the-time Mom... I felt it. Hard.