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Nicole is a Realtor and divorced mom of 3 living in a suburb of Chicago. As a single mom she likes to spend her abundant free time doing laundry, picking up other capable people's crap, and writing about kids, divorce, family, and this motherhood thing. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @momtransparenting or find her blog at www.momtransparenting.com

I’m Done Having Babies – And I Ain’t Sad

My youngest recently had a birthday. She's 4 now and finally to a point where if the items she seeks are within her reach...

9 Ways Daylight Saving Time Is Ruining Lives For Parents Everywhere

Twice a year we get to experience a rare and unique kind of hell as parents. Just when you think you've got your kids'...

9 Reasons Winter Sucks The Big Icicle

Dude. I live in Chicago and EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I wonder when the hell I am going to get out of this frozen tundra...
Self care for moms is an important part of thriving in motherhood. You have to take time to pamper yourself and find self care ideas wherever you can. This funny post shows that you can practice self care even when you're broke. #momlife #filterfreeparents #motherhood #selfcareideas

DIY Self Care Ideas For Moms Who Are Broke And Tired

Nothing says “I’m ready for a New Year” like a string of holiday festivities spent with the people in your life you had zero...