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7 Texts You NEVER Want To Get From The Babysitter

If you have children, think back to the first time you left them with a babysitter. I’m not talking about your parents, or your husbands parents. I’m talking about the first time you left them with someone who is not related to you. It can be a very scary time. Having three kids, I got over that fear very quickly because I was in desperate need of some adult time away from my glorious blessings. While we were out the other night, we received a text from our sitter that was a bit alarming. Here is a list of...

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Is Your Best Friend A Hot Mess? 10 Frightening Friend Faux Pas

Growing up, I didn’t have a best friend. It wasn’t until my 30s that I can safely say I obtained a true best friend. A best friend is someone you can always count on, through thick and thin. Your best friend is required to cover your ass, hold back your hair, lend you a helping hand, and slap a bitch when necessary. The “BFF” code has been around for centuries, much like the “Bro” code only more intelligent and catty. I myself am a bit of a flawed friend. I find myself doing and saying things I probably shouldn’t. The...

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Soul Mate Or Soul Crusher? 10 Tests To Pick Your Mate

Before making any major purchase, consumers are told to shop around. It is important to test drive several vehicles before you make a deal. You should always look for the best price on electronics, but never sacrifice tech-necessities in the process. One thing that can be very difficult to decide, is if you are with the one you should marry. Marriage is the most expensive purchase you will ever make, next to having children of course. Prepping for marriage can be tough. How can you determine if you are really ready to take the plunge? How do you know...

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I Reject Your Shame: 44 Things I Do Not Feel Guilty About

As a mother, wife, employee, daughter, daughter in law, friend, and human being, I feel as though some times people try to shame me into doing things, feeling things, explaining things, etc. I am here to tell you that I reject being shamed. Below you will find a list of things I do, that I refuse to feel guilty for. I have also given a brief description of said activity. I refuse to feel guilt for the following things (These are in no specific order.) Forgetting to cook dinner. (2X a week.) Forgetting to switch the laundry for the...

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