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11 Types Of Sex Married People Have

Sex is great. If you are married you will probably agree that sex has changed since you got married. If you have kids, you will probably agree that sex changed once again after the joyful arrival of your blessings. Here are 11 types of sex that people who are “married with children” have. 11 Types of “Married with children” Sex “Shower” Sex: It’s not steamy, hot, sudsy, porn shower sex. It’s more like; “Hey, we have ten minutes and I don’t want to have to shower again today, so you do want to do it?” shower sex. You most...

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The Naughty Elf On The Shelf

Facebook has been inundated with photos of playful elves. You know the photos that I am talking about, the elf is pooping out marshmallows, or leaving shaving cream messages. Those elves are so mischievous, such little scamps. Well, this past weekend my families elf apparently took several selfies. I received these photos in my email this morning. I was not pleased to say the least. Below you will find the letter with inappropriate photos that was sent to me from our naughty Elf. Dear Host Family, I hope you had a great weekend. I am loving your pad. I...

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25 Things A Vagina Might Say

As I was scanning through Twitter the other day, I ran across a post that said, “What is your vagina trying to tell you?” My initial response was to look down at my vagina and patiently wait. I waited about two minutes and realized she wasn’t saying anything, which was probably a good thing. I don’t think I would want a talking Va-jay. That would be embarrassing. Think about your daily commute on the train, the passenger seat of a carpool, or a super awkward first date. No, just no. Talking vaginas would not be a good idea. 25...

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40 Things Parents Shouldn’t Have To Say To Their Kids, But Do

Do you remember the warm fuzzy feelings you had when you thought about having children? That feeling of excitement and wonder about the journey to come. While you were daydreaming about the joy of raising children, I guarantee that you had visions of loving exchanges and deep emotional conversations. No one ever stops and thinks about the crazy things you will eventually say to your child. I can tell you that there are plenty of things that I never thought I would say to my children, yet I say them over and over again. 40 Things Parents Shouldn’t Have...

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It’s OK To Say, “I won’t miss this” As A Parent

With the holidays quickly approaching I have had to spend more time than I like with my kids in retail stores and restaurants. I try very hard to run errands without my children. If I am planning to go out to a store with my kids, I need to add at least 1.5 hours to my total trip time. That time accounts for bathroom breaks, snack stops, public meltdowns, etc. The holidays only amplify the crazy that exists in my family. Anytime I go out with all three kids it’s like I am using a megaphone to tell the...

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