Author: Meredith

Oh Donald Trump; WTF

Tonight we will be entertained by another fantastical GOP debate. I am so excited to see Donald Trump. Here are a few videos to get you warmed up for the event and will definitely have you saying, “WTF!”...

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I’m A Liar: 13 White Lies I Tell On A Daily Basis

I use to be organized. I use to be on time. I use to make lists and complete tasks. Then, I had kids. Powered By the Tweet This PluginTweet ThisIt seems as though I can’t catch my breath or get back on track. I keep telling myself that at some point I will find more free time, more money, more patience. I lie to myself so I can feel better about my hot mess of a life. I also lie to my kids, my husband, my friends, my boss, and random strangers at the grocery store. Not big lies,...

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What Autism REALLY Is: A Response To An Uninformed Individual

I wrote an article about Sesame Street introducing a new character with autism. It made me happy to see a huge corporation take notice of how very different children can be. It brought me hope that we can teach parents and children about autism and learn how to interact for the benefit of humanity. It was a happy post. It made me fell less alone in my families journey through the spectrum. When I went to check the comments that night, I found this. Pathetic. Celebrating a disorder instead of devoting the time and energy to finding a solution....

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Sesame Street I Am A Forever Fan

Dear Sesame Street, I grew up watching you. I will never forget the letters and numbers of the day. Some of my favorite characters will always be Cookie Monster and Big Bird. I have many fond memories of Oscar being sullen and poor Snuffy needing to take his time. When I heard that you are adding a new member to the cast I was overjoyed. Julia, the autistic girl next door will be welcomed with open arms in my home. My youngest son is autistic and it is safe to say that he does things a little bit differently....

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