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My Three Husbands: 15 Benefits of Having Gay BFF’s

I love my husband. We have been married for almost 13 years. We both work, we have three kids, and the endless amount of errands and chores never ceases to exist. I used to consider the idea of a band of sister wives that would move in and help me with the kids and the house. I wasn’t keen on the idea of having him sexually satisfied by another woman, but if she was going to clean toilets, I might be OK with it. About four years ago I hit the marriage lottery. I became very close with my...

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If you are married, you probably have had some of these conversations on a daily basis. Watch my Marriage video now, it’s only one minute, you’ve got time 🙂 Head over to my YouTube channel and...

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The Cold Within Is How Trump Will Win

I urge each and everyone of you to get out and vote in this election. We must stop Donald Trump from ruining our country and bringing America into World War III. There is no doubt in my mind that he will fleece the United States for all that it is worth, and bankrupt our Constitution and individual liberties. We must stand together and fight against him. If we remain divided as a country he will conquer us. America, it will be our own fault if we choose to die from the cold within. The Cold Within Six humans trapped...

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