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25 Brutally Honest Bumper Stickers

Have you ever wanted to display a brutally honest bumper sticker on your car? Well, here are a few I came up with that may apply to you, or someone you know. 25 Brutally Honest Bumper Stickers I hope you enjoy and share with your...

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Peace On Earth or Epic Christmas Card Fail

Dear Peace On Earth Family, It looks like the public has found it’s most recent reason to be angry. I’m sure Starbucks is happy to see the heat has a new direction. I would like to ask a few questions about your family photo. I personally am unsure how to digest this “family” portrait. I write a humor blog, so I do get funny. I am just not sure if this is amusing. If you can answer the following questions for me, I will be better able to form an opinion. 1. Who had the idea to take this...

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What Am I Worth?

The Christmas season is in full effect. People are running around town, shopping until they drop, and holiday gatherings seems to be a daily occurrence. With all of this excitement, also comes anxiety and pressure. Having three kids, this time of year can be exhausting. My family hadn’t been to church in about 6 months. I guess Sunday was the day I was supposed to return While at church, the topic of the sermon was self-worth. The pastor went into great detail about how humans determine their self-worth. I sat still and quiet as I listened to him ask...

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11 Types Of Sex Married People Have

Sex is great. If you are married you will probably agree that sex has changed since you got married. If you have kids, you will probably agree that sex changed once again after the joyful arrival of your blessings. Here are 11 types of sex that people who are “married with children” have. 11 Types of “Married with children” Sex “Shower” Sex: It’s not steamy, hot, sudsy, porn shower sex. It’s more like; “Hey, we have ten minutes and I don’t want to have to shower again today, so you do want to do it?” shower sex. You most...

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