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How Kid’s Interpret The Things Their Parents Say

I had surgery last week and my daughter announced to the entire soccer field that, “My Mom can’t come to practice today because she is doing a poop test.” I had to do colon prep and wasn’t physically able to make it away from the bathroom. I told her that I needed to stay close to the bathroom and her interpretation was that I was doing a “poop test.” Kids seem to have a knack for spreading family secrets and having a slightly skewed interpretation of our conversations. So if you ever meet up with one of my children...

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It’s Not A Crisis, It’s A Quest

I am 35 years old. I have three children. I love my husband, I work full time, I take care of most of my wifely duties each day. Some days are much harder than others (wink). Some days are wonderful. I have been working on establishing a writing career for a year. It has been challenging to say the least. With my full-time job requiring constant attention, the kids, the house, the laundry, the dishes, dinner, my writing has not gotten the attention it needs to become a paying career. I love to write. I really love to write....

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7 You Tube Tutorials To Avoid

I love YouTube. It can be a great resource. I have watched cooking videos, tutorials on how to braid my daughter’s hair, and of course mash-up clips of the most epic of all fails. However, sometimes you should steer clear of You Tube. 7 You Tube Tutorials To Avoid Electrical Wiring Tutorial If you are not an electrician, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and stay away. I love DIY projects, but I am not going to attempt to electrocute myself in the name of home improvement. Wires can equal death. “Do I clip the red or...

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Oh Donald Trump; WTF

Tonight we will be entertained by another fantastical GOP debate. I am so excited to see Donald Trump. Here are a few videos to get you warmed up for the event and will definitely have you saying, “WTF!”...

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