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The Puberty Talk for Girls: The Birds and the Bees

It will happen. That sweet little girl will eventually turn into a woman. Puberty happens. Boys will happen. it is all part of life. Which is why I think they allow you to have wine shipped to your home 🙂 Take a look at this weeks video The Puberty Talk for Girls: The Birds and the Bees and share with someone who needs a laugh and maybe some pointers on the pending conversation. At some point you will have your period at the same time as your daughter! Am I the only one who didn’t get the peach reference???...

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MOMosa Monday “Mother’s Day” Episode

Brought to you by Boymom – apparel for raising boys available at (Promo code: Mer65) Tonight I proclaim myself a Mother’s Day Gifting expert. We talk about what MOM really wants for Mother’s Day and unbox the Holiday Boxer Mom’s Day box. Tag or share with your spouse, mate, boyfriend or children so that you can be taken care of on your day. Holiday Boxer jumped in and took care of our MOMosas with 20% OFF, Free Shipping and if you order by 9 PM EST on 4.11.2017 you get a free #icantadulttoday t-shirt. Visit Holiday Boxer at...

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The Birds and the Bees: Puberty For Boys

Puberty, it happens. When it is time to have “The Talk” we need to be prepared. Check out this weeks video, where I struggle a bit with “The Talk.” Have a laugh at my expense, and get yourselves ready, if it is time for you to have “The Talk” with your children. If you are on a mobile device, Click “The Birds and the Bees” to watch this weeks video. Make sure to register on the site for the Newsletter, you don’t want to miss out on any promotions. Thanks for sharing and commenting. Wednesday we will be releasing...

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90s Mixed Tape Edition

In tonight’s episode of Dance it out we talked about how it was the longest week ever. We chatted about the best things that happened during the week, and we sent our deepest sympathies to a fellow MOMosa who lost her husband. This community is my sanity and I adore you guys. This community amazes me every single day and we are here for you. Tonight’s episode was brought to you by boymom. Head over and use PROMO CODE: MER65 for 65% off in the...

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The fighting never ends in our home. It doesn’t matter what the children are doing, at least one sibling is bother them or ruining their lives. As soon as you think, “Huh, it’s quiet. I can’t believe they are getting along.” BOOM! There will be a massive WWF fight in your living room. When you ask why they are fighting, be prepared for the most ridiculous reasoning ever!!! Does this happen in your house??? Check out this weeks video, Can we all get along? PLEASE?? and share with a parent who can relate to this very real struggle. Make...

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