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*This is a sponsored post for Wiivv, because getting old can suck, and insoles can help** I have been hard on my body. I started playing sports at a very young age. I ran track, played soccer, and as an adult I put in years at the gym. I have always been active, but now my activity revolves more around my kid’s activities and the miles I can put in on my treadmill in my garage. I wear flip flops most days. I usually only wear my sneakers if I am exercising or chasing kids at the soccer field....

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15 Reasons Coffee Makes Me Bulletproof

*This is a sponsored post, because HOLY CRAP the CEO of Bulletproof saw us talking about his coffee!!* My love affair with coffee started 11 years ago. I was a new Mother. My son was an extremely colicky baby. He cried all the time. If he wasn’t crying he was nursing. He never slept. He was basically an uninvited angry house guest that wouldn’t leave. When I stopped nursing at around eight months, I was looking for anything to give me a pick me up. I was never a coffee drinker, in fact I though coffee was gross. I...

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Face-Timing With The Kids

I love that I can Face-Time with my kids when I am out of town, or at the grocery store for that matter. It is one of those wonders of the new technological age we live in. However, I seem to get sea sick every. single. time. Am I alone? Does anyone else suffer from vertigo when they face-time with their kids? Share with someone who can relate. Click here if you are on a mobile device. If you liked this video, make sure to follow me on all of my social channels! Thank you so much for the...

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Hang on a sec. I’m On The Phone

It happens every time the phone rings. You go to answer the call and BOOM, “Mom, I need a snack. Mom, I have to poop! MOM, HELP ME!” It is like a five alarm fire any time I get on the phone. My kids turn into the most ill behaved hooligans on the planet. I am positive I am not alone. Check out my latest video and share this with your Mom friends who can relate. Make sure to check out the new store for all of your That’s Inappropriate and #MOMosa swag!! If you liked this video, please...

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4 Mom Tips To Combat The Cough

“Sponsored Post: My friends over at Vicks saw the Man Cold and decided I needed to be compensated for future colds :)” 4 Mom Tips To Combat The Cough Cold season can knock a family out for weeks. As a Mother of three children I know how awful it is when someone in the house gets sick. Once one is sick, we likely all get sick. Taking care of the kids and my husband when they are sick can be exhausting. On a side note, three sick kids don’t hold a candle to a Man Cold 😉 The one...

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