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Give Him “The Real Gift” For Father’s Day

*This post is sponsored by Adam and Eve* Give him the “Real Gift” this year. I have always thought that Father’s Day was every day and that Mother’s day only came once a year. My husband has always been an amazing Father, but I didn’t truly appreciate him until I started traveling for work. I was a nervous wreck to leave him with the kids for three or four days. At first it was a nightmare to come home to loads of laundry and a big mess. I had to understand that he isn’t me and I can’t compare...

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Alexa, Help me!

Technology is a part of our daily lives, but I think I may be a bit too dependent. Take a look at this weeks video and let me know if you can relate. What would you want Alexa to do for you? Share with another Mother in need of assistance 😉 If you liked this video, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  my Blog. Pick up your copy of Scoop the Poop and learn how I picked my...

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Sometimes when people come to my home and they don’t have children, I think they pause and try to figure out, “Why don’t these people have nice things?” I could be crazy, but most of our furniture is stained or broken. I simply refuse to buy new nice things. I have three kids and two dogs. I rather spend my money on wine and well, wine. Share with someone who can relate to the struggle of broken, stained, chewed on furniture. If you want to join me on my journey, grab a copy of my book Scoop The Poop...

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Will You Be My Friend?

We invited some new friends over for a BBQ today and I am a bit nervous. Wouldn’t it be great if we could interview people before they become our friends? Check out my interview process for becoming friends. Send this to a friend who does some of these things. If you are on a mobile device, click here to view on...

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If you have kids, the chances are “Time Out” happens. Check out this weeks video, THE STAGES OF TIME OUT. I have three, and a few of mine are repeat offenders. Here is my theory on the various stages our children go through while in “Time Out.” Let me know if you agree, and share with someone who can relate. Parenting is a tough journey, but we don’t have to do it alone. I always say it is better to laugh than cry...

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