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I really really really don’t like to work out. I do it for one simple reason….I want to live 🙂 Take a look at this weeks video where I describe the stages of working out. Can you relate? Do you love to work out? Maybe I’m crazy, but I just don’t love it like I use to. Make sure to click on the links below and like, share, and follow on all of my social channels so you don’t miss a thing. Facebook YouTube Instagram Blog If you want to hear about my journey through life, marriage, motherhood, and...

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It is easy to get lost if you don’t have a map. There is really no handbook for parenting. It sucks you in and it changes you. You worry like you’ve never worried before. You find joy like you’ve never found before. You are so scared that you will screw up these tiny humans by not being enough. A few years ago I realized that I cannot be everyone’s everything and that is OK. I need to be me as well as a wife and a Mom. I need to know who I am in order to be the...

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Has this ever happened to you? Have you woken up from a dream that was so real, you believe it to be true? Have you ever gotten mad at your significant other as a result of a dream? A dream that was so powerful that you rolled over and considered punching your spouse right in the face. I have woken up crying, shouting “How could you???” at the top of my lungs! Check out this weeks video and share with some one who can relate. It is amazing how mad you can be at someone for a dream. If...

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Please proceed with caution. Do not watch this video if you are uncomfortable with the discussion of lady parts and do not watch around small children. This is the true story of what happened to me one fateful day in my bathroom. I am an over-sharer and this might be too much information for some of you. I did my best to recreate the incident through this dramatization. If you would like to join me on my journey through wifedom and motherhood, grab a copy of Scoop The Poop! You will soon realize that you are not alone...

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Wanna Have A Play Date?

If you have kids, then you most likely have had a play date. Most play dates include the Mom or Dad bringing their child over to your home. Have you ever had a play date go haywire? Check out my new video MOM-FESSIONAL:Wanna Have A Play Date, and let me know if this has ever happened to you. Thank you for commenting, sharing, and being a part of this community. If you’d like to join me and Scoop The Poop, you can head over and grab a copy of my book...

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