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Do You Suffer From Stinky Boy Syndrome?

*This post is sponsored by Hero Clean, your solution for stinky boy syndrome. I have three beautiful children. Two of those children are stinky boys. One is a little girl who smells like her Mother (Sorry Sweetie.) And one loving, smelly, husband. My family really stinks… in a smelly, we play hard, kind of way. We have lots of sneakers, play clothes, work out gear, and pets!!!! I was approached by a company called Hero Clean back in September. We did the usual chitty chatty pitty patty and I decided to give their cleaning products a try. I do...

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Most of us have seen the iconic chick flick/romance movies of the past 30 years. We fell in love with Johnny and Baby. Who can forget Edward and Vivian? Don’t get me started on Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly!!!! But what happens after the movie ends? I think it looks something like this. Take a look at this weeks video and share this with someone who loves these movies and can relate. What was your favorite romance...

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MOMosa Monday boymom edition 4.17.17

In this weeks edition of MOMosa Monday~ brought to you by boymom, apparel for raising boys!! We discuss the age old question…Is there a right and a wrong way to do things?!?!?!?!? We talked about my trip to LA and the laundry situation of 2017. Head over to boymom and use PROMO CODE: MER70 for 70% off your order...

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20 Thoughts That Travel The Mind of a “Different Needs” Mom

I have three kids. All of my kids make me wonder things. My youngest is autistic, and more often than not, my thoughts go to a very different place. I try very hard to find the humor and silver linings in our daily trials, but sometimes it just sucks. Autism sucks. Some people do not like the term “Special Needs.” I can understand that. All of my children have special needs. My oldest is very sensitive and I need to speak to him differently. My daughter is just like me, she never stops talking. It would require an Executive...

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Bulletproof Filter Free Friday

*This episode is brought to you by Bulletproof* Check out this weeks episode of Bulletproof Filter Free Friday. We talked about the things that I learned about LA, chickens that lay eggs they are all sorts of colors, and we placed bets on the Business Manager doing laundry. Spoiler alert, I won the bet 😉 Click here to view this weeks episode and head on over to Bulletproof and use                  PROMO CODE: MEREDITH10 for 10% off your order...

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