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  We have all said these parenting cliches. We say them to make parents feel better, but does it really help? I don’t think so. Take a look at this weeks video and tell me what cliche you have said that is complete BS. Make sure to share with a parent who can use a laugh. If you’d like to join me on my journey to Scoop The Poop, check out my book. I promise you will realize you are not alone in this crazy parenting journey 🙂 On sale now for 50%...

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Are you struggling with summer break? Are you looking at your kids trying to figure out why they need a vacation? Did you just grocery shop yesterday and all of the food is gone? Check out my tips for summer survival and share with someone who needs some assistance. If you are in need of some summer reading, grab a copy of my book Scoop The Poop. Once you read this book, you will know you are not...

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I am always late. I am always the one who gets blamed for being late. I dramatically refute that I am the one at fault. I blame my family. Take a look at this weeks video and let me know if you can relate. Are you chronically late? Is it actually your families fault??? I bet it its;) If you need help picking your battles, check out my book Scoop The Poop. Believe me, you are not alone. We are in this...

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The Closet Intervention

    Once I started having children I rarely ever bought anything for myself, let alone not from the clearance rack. I have always been a JCPenney shopper for my kids, but I was so excited to find so many fashionable items for myself at such affordable prices. Having worked from home the past few years, I live in my sweats. Now that I travel for work my closet needed a heavy make over. My closet is happy, my wallet is happy – which means the Business Manager is happy and I am extremely happy. Eric was a great...

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As a parent I often feel like a broken record. I say the same things over and over and over again. There are times I am yelling, “Stop running” and it actually annoys me to hear my own voice. If you feel the same way, go ahead and play this video on repeat in your home. Save your sanity, I have already completely lost my mind...

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