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If you have kids, the chances are “Time Out” happens. Check out this weeks video, THE STAGES OF TIME OUT. I have three, and a few of mine are repeat offenders. Here is my theory on the various stages our children go through while in “Time Out.” Let me know if you agree, and share with someone who can relate. Parenting is a tough journey, but we don’t have to do it alone. I always say it is better to laugh than cry...

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MOMosa Monday 5.23.17

Join us for MOMosa Monday. We talked about potty training, non-listeners, and my lack of fashion style. As always, we relaxed after the Mondayest Monday and spent time with friends. Make sure to head over and subscribe on YouTube, so you never miss a thing....

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A Commencement Speech to the Parents of the Pre-K Graduating Class of 2017

*I wrote this last year as I prepared myself to send my baby to kindergarten. “You are getting so big. Are you ready for kindergarten?” I asked my soon-to-be VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) “graduate.” “Yes, Mom, I want to go to elementary school,” he said. I started to cry as I hugged him. It was an involuntary reflex. I had about as much control over my tears as he does when he says the word “butt head” to his brother and sister. Time is moving so fast, and most of the time I don’t realize it. Today it hit me....

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I love to tell jokes. I think that having a good laugh can lift up your spirits and change the course of your day. Jokes are part of who I am. My kids however, haven’t figured out the art of telling a joke. If I hear my kids say, “Knock Knock.” I do my best to NEVER say, “Whose there?” Check out this weeks video, “Knock Knock” and tell me if this happens in your house. Head over and check out our T-Shirt promotion this week where you can get a free copy of my book Scoop The Poop!!!...

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Summer Vacation

The words “Summer vacation” send shivers down my spine. I love my kids. Let me say it one more time. I love my kids, BUT…Summer vacation can be a very trying time in our household. Check out my feelings on summer vacation. If you are on a mobile device, please click here to view. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Check out my book Scoop The Poop and learn how I pick my battles...

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