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MOMosa Monday~Brought to you by Boymom Apparel 4.24.17

*This is a sponsored post by Boymom~ Apparel for raising boys 🙂 In tonight’s episode of MOMosa Monday, we discussed keeping the spark alive in your marriage, finding your self if/when you become lost, and the dishes!!!! If you liked the shirt I was wearing in tonight’s show, you can find that over at Boymom and use PROMO CODE: MER70 for 70% off your purchase! This tank top is only $11.79 with discount!!! Check out all the new styles Boymom has to offer!! Make sure to vote for The That’s Inappropriate community for the Today’s Parenting Choice Award!!! We...

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*This post is sponsored by Smartypants Vitamins, because my kid has guts! As parents we try our hardest to give our kids everything that they need. When I travel, It can turn into a free for all at dinner time. My husband works full-time and fast food happens. Luckily, I know that my kids take a vitamin each day that fills in the gaps. Our family loves Smartypants vitamins! Check out what the kids probiotic complete vitamins have to offer 🙂 Head over to Smartypants and use PROMO CODE: SMARTYMOM33 for 50% off your order! Kids Probiotic Complete More...

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11 Types Of Sex Married People Have

Sex is great. If you are married you will probably agree that sex has changed since you got married. If you have kids, you will probably agree that sex changed once again after the joyful arrival of your blessings. Here are 11 types of sex that people who are “married with children” have. 11 Types of “Married Sex” People with children have “Shower” Sex: It’s not steamy, hot, sudsy, porn shower sex. It’s more like; “Hey, we have ten minutes and I don’t want to have to shower again today, so you do want to do it?” shower sex....

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This week on Bulletproof Filter Free Friday we discussed the crazy lives we lead! My oldest son using my hairbrush on the dog, non stop sibling rivalry, and bed wetting. Check out this episode and head over to Bulletproof to check out all of the amazing products they offer!!! Our community gets 10% off by using PROMO CODE: meredith10 Bulletproof fuels my...

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Do You Suffer From Stinky Boy Syndrome?

*This post is sponsored by Hero Clean, your solution for stinky boy syndrome. I have three beautiful children. Two of those children are stinky boys. One is a little girl who smells like her Mother (Sorry Sweetie.) And one loving, smelly, husband. My family really stinks… in a smelly, we play hard, kind of way. We have lots of sneakers, play clothes, work out gear, and pets!!!! I was approached by a company called Hero Clean back in September. We did the usual chitty chatty pitty patty and I decided to give their cleaning products a try. I do...

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