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The Netflix Cheater

We have all had this happen. We sit down to watch a show and we see that one of the shows that we watch as a couple…has been watched already! How could this happen?? How could they watch ahead of you? Have they no conscience??? Here is what happened when my husband watch “our” show without me the other day. Make sure to follow on all social channels: Facebook Twitter Instagram...

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Sesame Street I Am A Forever Fan

Dear Sesame Street, I grew up watching you. I will never forget the letters and numbers of the day. Some of my favorite characters will always be Cookie Monster and Big Bird. I have many fond memories of Oscar being sullen and poor Snuffy needing to take his time. When I heard that you are adding a new member to the cast I was overjoyed. Julia, the autistic girl next door will be welcomed with open arms in my home. My youngest son is autistic and it is safe to say that he does things a little bit differently....

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I love DIY shows. I am a big fan of HGTV, House Crashers, Property Brothers, and Tiny Houses. Yet every time I watch a show, I have the same reaction. Can you relate? Am I the only one who loses it mid show??? Check out this weeks new video and tell me your favorite DIY shows. Share with your DIY loving friends. Make sure to follow on all social channels: Facebook Twitter Instagram...

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*This post is sponsored by Smarty Pants. Tell us why your kids has guts!* Smarty Pants wants to send your family on an all expenses paid 5 day camping trip! Check out why my kids has guts and then tell us your story! All you need to do is tell us why your kid has guts! You can take a pic, shoot a video, or tell a story and make sure to tag @smartyhealth and use the #MyKidHasGuts and enter on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Smarty Pants will pick a winner on April 15th, and off you will go...

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MOMosa Monday 3.13.17

*ICYMI* Check out this weeks episode of MOMosa Monday! We talked about parenting pitfalls, the joys of snow days, and being perfectly imperfect. If you want to grab a necklace to wear over your heart, check it out here 🙂 We are all perfectly imperfect...

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