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Mandi Em is the Content Creator for Healthy Living for Hot Messes (www.healthylivingforhotmesses.com), a website that aims to help the average Jane get healthy AF (without being a dick about it). Mandi can usually be found whining about her kids on Twitter (www.twitter.com/hlfhm), and posting pics of her food and nonsense on Facebook (www.facebook.com/healthylivingforhotmesses) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/healthylivingforhotmesses)

I Tried Some Things to Be A Calmer Person and This is What Happened

I am not a calm person. On the scale of Zen, you'd probably find me somewhere between "cage rattling chimp" and "emotionally unstable gazelle...
Most of us dread getting older, and aging. But, the truth is, there are a lot of benefits to getting old. Here are some things you can look forward to. #filterfreeparents #momlife #parenting #motherhood #aging #gettingold

Guess What Bitches? Getting Old Ain’t so Bad

Well hot damn, I've finally hit it! Finally hit that age where I go to touch my face and realize it's a good 2...