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Angela-Anagnost Repke is a writer dedicated to raising two empathetic children. She hopes that her graduate degrees in English and counseling help her do just that. Angela is known for her dreadful technology skills and her mean Grecian chicken. She has been published in Good Morning America, ABC News, Scary Mommy, The Good Men Project, and more. Angela has personal and literary essays in Literary Mama, The HerStories Project, the anthology, “Red State Blues” by Belt Publishing, among others. She is currently at-work on the cross-generational memoir," Mothers Lie."

To My Friend That Loves My Kids Like Her Own

To the friend who likes my kids as much as I do, Thank you for loving my kids since the day they were born…and allowing...

My Dad Never Called Me Pretty

My dad never called me pretty growing up. Even on my wedding day, I have no memories of him commenting on my appearance. There, I...
RSV or Respiratory syncytial virus can be very serious for small children. It's important for parents to know the signs, symptoms and things to look for with RSV. Here is what you need to know. #RSV #Respiratorysyncytialvirus #momlife #parenting #sick #filterfreeparents

What You Need to Know About the Threat of RSV

When my son was two, he was hospitalized in the ICU for RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) that turned into pneumonia. It was the scariest...
It's hard to know if you're done having babies. Family planning is not easy, but this mom's perspective on how you never really know if you're done is spot on. #filterfreeparents #motherhood #momlife #parents #familyplanning

My Heart May Always Ache About Our Decision To Stop Having Babies

Firming our decision to stop having babies after two was difficult. After our first was born, my husband and I figured we’d have at...