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Amber is a mom of 4 who loves Jesus, her family, and her coffee- in that order! If you come looking for her, she will generally be found writing, or eating chocolate, or both- but always while hiding from her kids! When she isn't writing, she loves taking her kids on outdoor adventures- but there is no chocolate when her kids are around, because they ate it all before she got any...She's got her coffee though!
Mom guilt. Mother's guilt. Women seem to have it as soon as their first baby is born. Here are five reasons to ditch the mom guilt. #momguilt #parenting #filterfreeparents

Five Reasons to Ditch the Mother’s Guilt. Your Life Was Not Meant Just For...

We get our kids for all of 18 years, if we’re lucky. That’s 18 birthdays, 18 Valentine’s Day parties, 18 summers at the pool,...