Dear Jennifer Connell,

I feel so sad for you. Your life must be empty and broken. How on earth did you come to the conclusion that suing your nephew over an accident was a brilliant idea? 8 yr-old’s break stuff, including other peoples bones.

It was an accident. He was giving you a hug, not mauling you like a bear going after a picnic basket. Have you ever been to a child’s birthday party before? Most kids are zooming around as those they just ingested crack cocaine and washed it down with a Red bull.

Children break things. Was it really his fault that you didn’t drink enough milk to keep your bones strong and healthy? Perhaps you should invest in some of those calcium gummies, I hear they are delicious.

Just curious, but where did you get the monetary amount for your lawsuit? How did you land on 127K dollars? That sounds pretty high for a broken bone? Are most of the damages you were seeking in pain and suffering? I did read your testimony about the tragic event that took place recently at a party. I mean, the sheer horror, not being able to hold your plate of Hors d’oeuvre. What did you do when you realized that you could no longer hold onto the plate? Did you switch hands???

I also read about your rough trek up to the third floor of your Manhattan apartment. I had no idea you walked up three flights of stairs on your hands. That must get tricky with the city being so crowded. I could only imagine the panic you must feel when your hand steps onto a piece of gum.

I’m sorry the logical and reasonable jury did not side with your case. Obviously they have never been in such an awful accident, and they cannot sympathize with your pain. Some people are simply ridiculous. Good luck. I hope the holidays aren’t super awkward this year.

Here is my verbal response.