a little about me and my family


Hello all my name is Angela but everyone calls me Angie . I have been married for 21 amazing years and i have two children my first born daughter kennedy just graduated college and she is doing amazing. my son mitchell is 16 years old and he was born with fragile x syndrome which means that the x chromosome is missing some information so to speak so he is developmentally delayed he is at the level of maybe a 3 or 4 year old . he can not read or right his speech is delayed but has improved alot !! also he knows alot more than he lets on. he understands when i tell him to put his shoes on or let the dog inside. but he has behaviors that are not fun at all and that are so sudden we never know what triggers his meltdowns so that is really hard but he is a great kid with a wonderful sense of humor. i have had many days were i have cried tears because of his behaviors i mean i am his mothers shouldn’t i be able to control my child ? thats the part that i struggle with because i can’t help him so if anyone else has a child with fragile x i would love to connect with you .


  1. Hi Angie! My name is Lexi. I am not a mother of a child with fragile x, but I have a cousin who is 25 now that has fragile x. We have always been very close with my aunt and uncle and have witnessed the difficult moments over the years. Jake is completely nonverbal and lives with my aunt and uncle. I know it can get hard (and most of the time it is hard), and I’ve seen my aunt struggle with many of the same feelings that you have. Just know that you’re doing a great job in a difficult situation. I know I’m not exactly what you’re looking for, but I’m here to support you if you ever need it!


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