• This has been one REALLY WEIRD year. The internet has been full of stories of things that women have been told to stick into their vaginas. From wasp nests to vaginal alarm clock, this has been a year for the books. I do not recommend or endorse any of these. I think it is time for people to relax and stop shoving weird foreign objects up their downstairs parts. Share with someone who needs vaginal trend education or a good laugh. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you never miss anything.


    1. Denise Outlaw

      Lmbo. You are a hoot. I absolutely love you. You make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. Thank you for all you do.

    2. Kim Titeca-Dunbar

      I am Laughing so load that every who was asleep at 12:45am just all in unison screamed “Mum quit laughing and go to sleep do you know what time it is”! My whole body hurts from it. Thank you Meredith for the Best Laugh I’ve had this month! Keep it going… I believe in the healing of laughter ?

    3. Kim Titeca-Dunbar

      Please forgive my auto correction, which always seems to make a non-sensible the wrong word. Plus human. I never read it before I post

    4. Felicia Fuller

      Laughing so much I’m crying. Love what you come up with. You should go on a comedy tour.

    5. Brandy LaNier

      I LOVE your messages. This one has me laughing, shaking my head yes and saying Amen in agreement to all of these points. Wasps nests? Thank you… I needed that medicinal laughter. As always your video has served as a lovely side dish to my coffee. Thank you.

    6. Jese from Port Charlotte

      Oh my gosh!!!!! Yes!!!! Tired of hearing these “how to make your va-jay-jay better” items and what to shove up it to do so!!! That just cracked me up!!! Love ya girl!!

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