20 Tweets That Show Why Summer Is Hell For Parents


It’s officially summertime, and the livin’ is easy… or not so much. If you’re a parent, chances are the dog days of summer are working you like a dog. Summer vacation can be a special time of building family memories, but keeping kids fed & entertained on these long summer days is not for the faint of heart. These Twitter parents feel your pain.

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So join me in laughing at the ridiculousness that is summer, and laugh alone with these 20 tweets from parents that show why summer is complete hell for parents.

    1. The stress starts before the summer begins.

2.  The whining & sibling fights begin immediately.

3. Siblings annoying siblings isn’t fun.

4. Snacks. All day long, endless snack requests.

5. Everything is hot & sticky, including your kids.

6. The noise. Dear God, the NOISE.

7. How about the fun of cleaning up wet bathing suits & towels?

8. And the next day: more bathing suits. And towels.

9. Then there’s all the other messes kids leave. All.Day.Long.

10. Let’s not forget those snacks… again!

11. Sometimes summer fun for kids is less fun for adults.

12. Keeping kids entertained is exhausting!

13. Some kids entertain themselves, but that’s ALL they do.

14. And seriously- how about those snacks??

15. The days start way too early…

16. …and end way too late.

17. You send them outside to give yourself a break, but:

18. By this point in summer, everyone’s cranky.

19. So they find something -anything- to fight over.

20. It seems endless (Wait… HOW many weeks left of this??).

Summer break feels like childbirth- while occasionally excruciating in the moment, you forget the pain as you enjoy those sweet, special moments with your kid(s). Until, of course, you do it again… next summer!


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