So it seems that Kanye West is having some money issues. I can’t fathom the type of pressure he must be feeling, considering he is the greatest known artist on the planet; although he is the one proclaiming that. I would like to offer some financial advice to him in his time of need. There are several things he could do to earn a buck or two, outside of just asking other people to hand over their hard-earned dough.

10 Ways Kanye West Can Get Out of Debt

1. Sell some of those Grammy awards. Craig’s list is a bit sketchy, so make sure to choose a public place for your transaction. You could always Ebay, although sometimes you have to pay for shipping.

2. How about a Car-wash? They seem to work wonders for local high schools and churches.
3. Ask your Church to take up a collection on your behalf. I am sure “The Almighty” listens to your music, so his people obviously do as well.

4. Sell your plasma, platelets, or blood. Unless your blood runs pure gold. If so, just deposit your blood into the bank. Get what I did there???

5. Sell “Kanye Grams” for special holidays. Nothing says I love you like serenading your loved one to the tune of “Gold Digger.”

6. Try being a Male escort. You are just selling your company, and who wouldn’t want to hang out with you. Seriously!

7. Ask Donald Trump for monetary support for an endorsement of his campaign. I am assuming you are a Trump fan. It’s just a gut feeling.

8. Tax season is right around the corner. Have you considered holding one of those signs for H&R Block? I hear they pay extra if you dance.

9. Speaking of dancing…. Are you opposed to nudity? Magic Mike XXL didn’t do too badly in the box offices. You could ride that train all the way to the station.

10. How about a kissing booth? You could also try a lemonade stand. You can charge more if you use organic lemons. Maybe $1.50 a glass???

These are just some starting points. Believe me, I know how rough financial times can be. Hold strong and be the man you always claim to be.