Halloween will be here before you know it. As a working mother of three, making everyone happy with their costume choice is almost impossible. I am not crafty. I can’t sew. I will not “Make” a costume for my kids. I also refuse to spend $20-$40 per costume. Here are a few easy DIY costumes that are sure to please the children and keep the cash in your pocket. If you can’t DIY, you can take advantage of $5 off $30 at Target for all things Halloween.

10 WTF “Real” Kids Halloween Costumes

1. Ghost:

Yes, that’s right. Put a sheet over your kid and call him done. Don’t worry about cutting eye holes either. Real ghosts can see through sheets, walls, time and space. Plus, at the end of the evening it will be easier to steal their candy since they can’t see you.

2. Caitlyn Jenner:

If you are one of those trendy parents, slap a wig on your son and call him Caitlyn.  To soon?

3. Moving Day:

We recently renovated our home and have a ton of cardboard boxes left over. Put a box on your kid and call them “Moving day.” Very economical.

4. Laundry:

Why not have your toddler go as laundry. Make sure he is wearing dirty clothes, perhaps the ones that have been laying in the basket for the past week. Everyone will know what his costume is, and when he gets tired, you can pick him up and carry him home.

5. Ironic Mommy:

Do you have an apron? If you are like me and you don’t cook, strap that apron on the kid and call him “Ironic Mommy.” It is hilarious and free, and your friends will totally appreciate the time you put towards creating the costume.

6. Real Mommy:

If you have a few kids, throw one in the apron and the other in a pair of your yoga pants. That child can be “Real Mommy.” The Mommy who wears yoga pants all day and a stained t-shirt. Although a more tragic Halloween choice, it is still a relevant option.

7. Ironic Daddy:

Give the boy a sponge and dish towel and call him “Ironic Daddy.” He can pretend to do the dishes as he trick or treats all through the neighborhood. Kind of like how Daddy tricks Mommy into thinking he is going to do the dishes when he tells her they are “soaking” in the sink.

8. Real Daddy:

Give your kid an empty bag of potato chips and the remote control. Put them in Daddy’s favorite NFL jersey and send them on their way. They may actually get mistaken for their father.

9. Mummy:

If you have an extra roll of toilet paper, you are all set. Roll that kid up and you have yourself a “Mummy.” It’s a classic choice that is also environmentally friendly.

10. Darth Vader:

Star Wars is big right now. Do you have a hefty garbage bag and a black beanie? If so, you are all set. Pat him on the head as you send him out to collect candy. Don’t forget to let him know that “The force is with you.”

So have fun this Halloween. Don’t forget to sort your kids candy and take out all of that yucky chocolate stuff and put it in a Ziploc sealed baggie. Place it on the highest shelf, and tell them it was taken by the police as evidence. If DIY is not your thing, you can visit Target and enjoy $5 off $30 or more in the Halloween store.